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    to run for US Congress 2010


      I, Joel Gill, Mayor of Pickens MS, offer my service and ask for your vote and support to allow me to represent all of you in the 3rd District. Your voice will be heard and acted on in Congress.  I will be fair and responsive,  listening to you rather than to paid lobbists or party bosses.  It’s time for all the people to be represented.”

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    “We must implement a responsible energy policy to get our economy back on track.” More

    “I’ll protect Social Security by working for adequate funding. to prevent reduction in benefits.” More

    “The Income Tax needs to be fair and simple. When everyone pays their fair share, we all prosper.” More

    “The voice of working women and men of Mississippi needs to be heard and acted on in Washington DC.” More

    “Illegal immigration is a threat to our nation, draining precious resources needed for quality health care and education.” More