The Perfect Time for a Roof Replacement Project

Are you thinking of replacing your roof really soon? Roofing is a fairly big home improvement project. It takes a lot of planning to do it right. It’s practically possible to have your roof installed and repaired whatever the season is, but fall is the best time to start a roof replacement project.

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As a matter of fact, when fall starts to set it, you should plan all home improvement projects, more particularly roofing jobs. Fall offers a lot of advantages than any other season, regardless if you intend to do the project on your own or hire Medford roofing contractors to help you out.

Why Replace Your Roof

Fall or autumn signifies change. But more than that, it’s when leaves fall on your roof and you will most likely tend to your roof at one point or the other. The fall season sits between winter and summer, which provides the best timing as far as home improvement projects are concerned.

So if you’re thinking of redecorating, renovating, or revamping your home, plan all of them during fall. But before you do any of that, be sure to fix your leaking or damaged roof first. Same goes true if your roof is starting to be an eyesore, thus affecting your home’s curb appeal tremendously.

Why Renovate During Autumn?

Some people may tell you that fall is not a good time to replace roofs and you should do it during summer. Summer may get too hot so it may not offer the best conditions for the roofing contractors. Fall may be sometimes wet, cold, and unpredictable. But th’s a challenge that most roofing contractors can deal with.

Fall also offers the best timing for a roof replacement job because doing so will make your roof ready for winter storms and the worse weather conditions. Summer and spring tend to bring forth rainstorms that could take a toll on your roof. These storms are strong enough that they can cause leaks, stains, mold, and other notable damages. If you replace your roof in fall, you make it ready for all these severe weather conditions.

Fall Roof Replacement Advantages

Replacing roofs is an investment but it also comes with a lot of financial gains. One of the advantages of starting a roofing project in fall is getting off-season discounts. Since every other homeowner schedules their renovation project during summer, you’re likely to find roofing contractors that don’t have as much business as they expected. That’s why they are willing to give you a discount.

Aside from getting a discount, roof replacement during fall also allows you to enjoy higher energy savings. Damaged roofs cause poor insulation, which means that you’ll be paying higher heating and cooling costs in the long run.

There are also tax credits waiting for you if you choose to install roofs with the Energy Star seal. The government is willing to pay back 10% of the costs of installing your roofing system to as much as $500. This is why upgrading your old roof into a modern, energy-efficient one is a good idea.

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