How to Upgrade your Living Area

The living room is the first space we see when we get home. Some people even crash directly into the living room couch from being too tired for the day. Or a friend might also ask you for a favor to crash into your couch for the night. The living room is a flexible space in the house.

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Sometimes, as all with other rooms in the house, we need to have it upgraded. Even our wardrobe needs some upgrading sometimes. If you feel like you do need an upgrade for the living area, these steps will help guide you to consider some ideas before making a decision.

1. Get the correct rug measurement

Other people think that rugs only function to protect the beautiful wood floor or other surfaces from getting scratches. After all, guests will stay in the living room to chat, or children and pets will play around. And they don’t give it much consideration because the lovely coffee table will just cover it up. But that’s just because they got the wrong size. And rugs actually complete the look of the living room. They have style as they have a function.

2. Try chandeliers or pendants

Many are afraid to get chandeliers or pendants especially if their living area is modest in size. But there are smaller options available. Getting either one will totally change the look of your living room in a good way.

3. Try a new couch design

No longer like the look of your old and worn-out couch? (Ehem, friends crashing.) Get a new set. And this time try a new design. The shape of your couch will actually tell a lot about the area’s vibe. If you haven’t got the budget for it yet, try asking the manufacturer for slipcovers. Or you can have it refurbished as well.

4. Emphasize the color if you like monochrome

So you like the color green? Don’t limit having only a green sofa. Have a green rug, lamp, display book, or accessories. This will make the living room even more defined. And the pieces don’t have to match in color. There are several shades of green.

5. Experiment with textures and finishes

If you have done some major changes like a new couch, new rug, etc. but still feel like you’re not done yet? The problem might lie in the textures you have just used. Matte surfaces, accessories, and flat cloths might support each other but not complement each other. Maybe try velvet throw pillows, faux fur, leather, and other materials. For natural finishes, incorporate plants in the room, stoneware, or metals. For something shiny, glass will do the trick.

6. Make the room appear bigger with mirrors

Mirrors work in whatever room you put them in. Make sure to get the right size. A small one will not work.

7. Don’t forget the electronics

Upgrade your TV, get new speakers, etc. If you want your TV to be the focal point in the room, have it mounted on the wall. Ask for professional TV installation services to help you out.